Stop Asian Hate Charity Sticker (Hamachi Harlot Art Exclusive)

Stop Asian Hate Charity Sticker (Hamachi Harlot Art Exclusive)

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15 amazing artists and I have teamed up to create charity sticker packs to help #StopAsianHate. Swipe through to see each of our designs! All profits will be donated to: Stop AAPI Hate (

Growing up as a 1st generation Filipino-American was hard for me because I was constantly trying to fit in. We didn’t speak Tagalog in my house, so I always felt like I was stuck in the middle of two worlds, neither of which I really belonged to. Vegas is thankfully a melting pot, but it still didn’t stop me from wishing I wasn’t as brown as I was, or that my eye shape looked different from my friends. Despite my mom telling me that people paid hundreds for my skin color, I used to hate going outside in the summer because of how easily I tanned. In 6th grade, I was sent to live with my biological father in the Philippines and the culture shock was almost too much to handle. It was a complete reversal where my Filipino teachers would always tell me how a “real American” (aka a caucasian American) learned Tagalog in just a month, so why couldn’t I learn it in the 6+ months I was there? I came back to live with my mom after that year and it took a long time to really accept who I was.

I am 100% Filipino. My children are half Filipino, half white. I want them to grow up in a world where they don’t have to fear getting backlash or worse for how they look and where their ancestors came from. 

Starting today, each shop will have sticker packs available for purchase. Sticker packs will be $17. Additionally, each shop will have individual stickers of their design for $3!

Charity sales will remain open until 5/31, at which time our resources will be pooled together for a joint contribution.