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Chakra Babies 1 & 9

Hello all!  This is the meat and potatoes of what I have sent out to everyone who has pre-ordered Chakra Babies 1 and/or 9 thus far. My intention is to be as transparent with you as possible, and while I do post updates on Instagram, it’s important to me that you as a customer have the best support that I can provide. First and foremost, thank you for pre-ordering a Chakra Baby! This is my first pin series and I am learning every day, so your support means more than you know. In the interest of time and organization, I have outlined updates for all variants below. Chakra Baby #9 I received my first shipment of pins earlier this week, which...

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Pre-Order FYI

Due to COVID-19, there may be delays in production and shipping. My current estimate is 4+ weeks from the start of production to the pins' arrival on my doorstep. Please allow an additional week for grading, prep, and shipping. Tracking numbers will be provided once orders are shipped out, and I will be providing updates as often as possible, both here and on Instagram.  Please note that pre-orders will ship once all pins are in hand. If you would rather not wait for them to ship altogether, please place separate orders. Thank you!

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