UPDATE: Chakura-hime

Hihi, It’s time for an update for Chakura-hime! I received update photos of the finished samples a couple of days ago from my manu and shared that on my IG story. I am also adding them here, because let’s be honest - I am in love with them.

As far as timeframes go, my manu is actually ahead of schedule! I’m already confident in their quality after having seen the completed samples and I hope that gives you some peace of mind as well.  

The estimated timeframe that I’ve kept in mind is as follows:

  • Sample Production - 18 days
  • Bulk Production - 25 days
  • Shipment - 5-7 days

So far my manu is two days ahead of schedule, so everything is looking good. So without further ado, here are some update photos of Chakura-hime. Thank you for your patience and support!