May Update

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone is doing okay! This year has been going by so fast, I can't believe we're already in May. I apologize for the lack of April update on here, I had 100% intended to do more than just the IG update in my stories but April ended up being a very hard month for me. 

Let's get right down to it <3


Cherry Blossom
There have been delays with these pins, more than even I anticipated. For that, I am so sorry! For transparency, I was told they'd be ready to ship April 24th, but then was informed that they needed more time and due to the holiday in China, they'd be shipped out on the 6th. After the 6th, I received some update photos that I was able to share, and finally received final photos - however, the screenprint for the eyes was completely off and didn't look good. I cannot in good conscience send out pins that looked like that, so my manu has redone them and as of today, they *should* be completed. I am currently waiting to hear from them with final FINAL photos, tracking and also updates for the other pins they are producing for me.

Ball Boys 1, 2 & 3
These pins are being made by the same manu that is working on Cherry Blossom. As of yesterday, the update is that they will be finished this week. I have asked for photo updates and hope to have them in the next day or so.

Date Night
She's coming along really well and every photo I've gotten of these pins have looked great so far. My latest update from this manu was on 5/6, and they've let me know that it would be about 7 working days until these would be completed and ready to ship. This lands around 5/17, so I've asked for photo updates and am waiting for their response.

Surprise again! Isobu has been in production and should be finishing up soon. Again, my Chakra Babies are self-funded so I won't have these out every month but I am still working on the other tailed babies designs! 


Kakashizawa is being produced by the manu that is working on Sakura and Ball Boys Wave 2. The art was already approved, and I've asked for photos and/or updates. 

Anata Series - January
These were almost ready to go as of Saturday, however, our manu reached out to us and wasn't happy with the screenprint details. Of their own accord, they let us know that they wanted to reprint them before shipping to us. I actually love the attention to detail and the fact that they want to give us as perfect of a product as possible, so that we could in turn give you high quality pins. They'll be shipping out as soon as the screenprint is done, and I'll keep you updated.

Anata Series - February (Lulu & Pizza Girl)
We received mold photos on 4/27 and they are currently in the process of getting the color samples completed. 

Anbu Captains - Owl
These have been completed and shipped out to us as of 5/6. ChelChel will be grading them, then sending my portion to me - once I have them in hand, I can send out my portion of pre-orders and we'll have more info on the in-hand drop later on.

Dobby Hill
Pre-orders have been shipped to everyone, and Manda (Bow Peeps) currently has her half of the extras available for purchase in her shop. I will be dropping my half sometime in the near future.