Hello, I hope you’re all well. I am really, really excited for Chakura-hime! This is my first big pin, and I hope it does her justice. Honestly, I feel like she is underrated in the series, but she is truly the definition of perserverance. I’ll keep things short, if you’ve followed along with my Chakra Baby updates, you’ve probably realized by now that I can get quite wordy. (Sorry!) 

There are several things that I wanted to bring up about this particular design.

  • I lowered the LE. Both Black Nickel and Rose Gold plated variants were originally 50 pcs each, but I decided to lower the LE to 40 pcs for each variant - this allows me to have a third colorway / special mystery variant!
  • Artwork for Hinata-hime was approved on 8/14 and put into production. 
  • As of earlier this evening, Chakura-hime should be engraved in mold. My manu has asked the factory to provide pictures, which she will send over to me as soon as she gets any on her end.


  • Unlike with my previous manu, I specifically asked for samples to be presented and signed off on by me prior to mass production. Sample production time is about 18 days, which means my samples of Chakura-hime should be completed ~September 1st.
  • Once the sample production is finished, mass production of my pins will commence and from what my new manu has told me, this will take about 25 days. Part of the reason is because the design is larger and more colors are used, which means the production time will be longer. This means that should all go smoothly, Chakura-hime will be shipping out to me by ~ Sept 25, and in turn, I would likely receive that shipment by the end of September. 
  • I prefer to give myself a healthy buffer of about a week for grading, polishing, and packaging pins. Once completed, I will be able to ship them out to you!

I’ve got a lot of really fun things planned for my shop and for you all, thank you so much for allowing me to keep chasing my dreams! Please stay safe, and if you need anything at all please let me know.