February Update

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone is doing okay so far this year. I know it's been quite a while since I've had a full update - most of my updates are on IG stories and I keep them highlighted on my profile. That said, these last couple of months have been really tough for a multitude of reasons so I haven't been able to get this updated as frequently as I wanted or intended to. That's going to change, I am planning on posting a major update here at least once a month to keep things transparent. Patreon updates will be kept as Patreon posts, so if you're looking for updates on any Pin Sisters designs, please check Patreon <3

Some big things of note:

  • Life has been wild for me lately. Long story short, I went through a breakup back in December and moved out into my own house mid-January. I'm still in the process of getting situated, but my free time has dwindled due to my actual job (I work 40-50 hours a week) and taking care of my kids. For those of you that don't know, I have 3 kids (14, 4 and 1) and my priority has been making sure they're okay. This means that I'm going at a little bit of a slower pace pin-wise, because I've had to take some time here and there for my own wellbeing. Hopefully you all can understand, and I'm sorry for the delay!
  • Manus were/are currently on holiday for Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) so completely paused production while the factories are closed and they can enjoy their time off. (This goes for all pin manus in China, not just my specific manu) Most manus are coming back from vacation right around this time, so I should be getting some more updates soon now that production is back underway. 

Let's get this show on the road, shall we?


Cherry Blossom
This one was a bit of a headache at first. My old manu was taking care of this design, but I had to pull the design from them and completely switch to a new manufacturer because of the flaw rate I was getting from them. It took me a little bit to find the right manu, but I was able to find a reputable one and these cuties have been in bulk production for a little while now. They are currently being colored. Lunar New Year has slowed things down, but now that my new manu is up and running again I should hopefully be getting some updates soon.

Ball Boys 1, 2 & 3
These boys were in the same situation as the Cherry Blossom design - I shopped around for manus before deciding on one and these boys are in production. I was awaiting artwork prior to Lunar New Year, and the same manu that is working on my Cherry Blossom design is making wave 2 of my Ball Boys. I should be getting the final art proofs in the next day or so, fingers crossed!

I mentioned that I was shopping for new manus, this design is in production with a different manu that I am testing out. They are the same manu that one of my dear friends uses, so I am pretty confident in them. Currently pending confirmation that they are back from their holiday and awaiting photo updates.

Date Night
This is also with a different manu who has done some of the Pin Sisters Patreon pins, so these will be gorgeous! I've just confirmed LE count and am currently awaiting art proofs to review.


This is a necessary pre-order and unfortunately have not yet acquired enough orders to fund this design. That said, Manda (BowPeeps) and I will be self-funding the remainder and will be putting these into production in the next couple of weeks.

Anata Series - January
These are currently in production! ChelChel (Kanpai Designs) and I are currently awaiting photo updates.

Anata Series - February
These are still up for pre-order! Currently in the process of getting a quote for this design.