Autumn Update

Hi lovelies,

It's Fall, y'all! These posts are always a bit longer because I try my best to put everything out on the table for you, but I know I haven't updated here much and a lot of that is just because I haven't had time and energy to do a long post.

I'm really sorry about that, and to make things more efficient, I've actually decided to implement a one stop pin status update section which can be be found HERE!

I figure this will be a lot more convenient for those of you who don't like to read the novels that I'm prone to writing. 

I have been updating frequently on IG also and if you don't view my stories often, I have all updates saved to my highlights! I definitely am trying to make sure all bases are covered. 

The Pin Status page will be updated as often as IG is, and I will still be posting longer, more in-depth updates here as I can. 

That said, let's move on to said updates, shall we?


Cherry Blossom
Guess who finally got tracking info?! ME! This manu has taken their sweet time on these remakes and they're finally, finally on the way to me. I'm expecting to receive them 10/18 and I am praying to literally every deity there is that these pins are top quality. I've honestly learned so much because of my experience with these pins and this manufacturer, but this nightmare has almost come to an end. As soon as I receive them, I'll be grading and packing orders and issuing a partial refund to everyone that has pre-ordered as an apology on my end. I'm not in control of the manufacturer, their quality, or how long they take to produce my pins, but it is still something that has weighed heavily on me over this last year. I used to scoff at stories of pins that took so long to be sent out, but after being on the other side of things, there is only so much I can do to speed things up and the only thing I can promise you is that as soon as the pins are in hand, I will drop everything to make sure they're on the way to you. 

Chakra Baby #9
I self-funded the restock for Kurama and he's just been chillin on my cart, waiting for me to grade him. I've prioritized Homewreckers and Shrine v2 pins, as well as taking care of Manda's pin orders (Bow Peeps) while she was sick. We just moved my office from the loft down to the front room of our house, so once things are fully set up and organized, I can work on getting these into the shop!

Tokyo Flowers
Pre-orders just started yesterday afternoon and will be closing end of the day 10/10! Once they close, I can do a final count on quantities needed and get them into production! So far, OG is much more popular than the other variants, and Draken is more popular than Mikey (though not by much). I love them both and am so excited to bring these to life!


The same manu that produced Cherry Blossom also did these pins, which probably explains why it's taken so dang long! That said, these pins were completed before Cherry Blossom remakes were, and they have all been shipped to me. I should be receiving them by 10/18, then Manda (Bow Peeps) and I can grade and get them shipped out to you!

Anbu Captains - King
These pins were completed on 9/28 and according to the most recent update from our manu, just had lasering on the back. That should have been completed by now, and we're waiting on tracking info. They'll be shipped to me to grade and then I can get Chel Chel's half to her and pre-orders can be shipped out!